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Things to Pay Attention When Washing Towels

Things to Pay Attention When Washing Towels

Posted by Marketing. UMTD. on Aug 2nd 2018

Secrets of Washing Towels

by United Mills Textile Distribution Inc.

Pay attention to this article, because it will change almost everything you know about washing towels. Towels are delicate textile products due to their tight-knit structure. Their softness and absorbence, and especially absorbence highly depend on how they are maintained. The better maintained the longer they will remain as their first day.

Here are a few points to care when washing towels:

Wash Before First Use

It is recommended to wash the towels before first use to increase their absorbency. Due to packing and during shipping, the towels are pressed. Especially Turkish Towels are woven with special yarns that has air gaps among their threads to create their world wide famous absorbency. However during shipping all towels are compressed into boxes to reduce shipment volume. Washing will bring your Turkish Towels back to their original absorbency. 

Unlike some claims, Turkish Towels are never processed with silicone like materials to make knitting easy. We know that some manufacturing processes fill interweave gaps with again some soft substance to give that fluffy feeling. matching to what real Turkish Towels have. 

Such towels lose their fluffy feeling after a few wash and they significantly lose their thickness and elasticity. Whereas Turkish Towels creates the absorbency with its unique weaving technique and yarn technology. They become more fluffy in time as they are used and washed over and over again...

Picture Above: UMTD Loveknot Collection

Less Detergent, No Softener Please!

It is always a challenge to over that inner urge to put more detergent expecting to clean better. However it is not true at all. More detergent will not rinse completely and remain among the threads, where we actually want to use the same space to absorb water. This will certainly reduce the absorbance over time. UMTD recommends to use less than half the detergent normally required for similar load of washing. 

Similarly, the softener is certainly not for Towels. Turkish Towels are soft by design. Softener will fill their inner space and make them actually stiff over time. 

We highly recommend to wash towels once a while only with water to get rid of any residue of detergent.

Picture Above: UMTD Antique Collection

What else can be washed together with Towels? 

Dilemma of Warm Water or Hot Water?

General rule of whites are with whites and similar colors together works for Turkish Towels too. However the type of fabric matters. Towel fabric should be washed with similar woven-knit fabric. Delicate fabrics like shirts are better to be washed separately. 

White towels may be washed in hot water when needed. Bleach may be used with white towels. General recommendation is to wash towels in cold or warm water. 

Color towels certainly should be washed in cold water to preserve their colors. 

Don't hesitate to wash Turkish Towels often, more washing will keep them more fluffy, unlike other towels. That is the most significant difference of real Turkish Towels and other towels.

Picture Above: UMTD Caftan Bathrobe Collection

How about Drying?

Towels in general must be kept dry to avoid mildew. However Turkish Towels dry faster than other towels. Saying that; never over-dry Turkish Towels at high temperature and long drying sessions. That will damage the thread structure and make towels stiff beyond repair.

United Mills Textile Distribution Inc, is Texas based company representing Turkish Towels in the USA. 

Our mission is to set the standards for real Turkish Towel Quality, and thus preserve the image of Turkish Towels in the eyes of US consumers. 

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